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The Duke has returned!

The Duke has returned!

Here’s an update on a few earlier posts. I actually look forward to winter riding and will go at it as long as conditions and material allow. But I won’t muller the new-to-me cow on salted roads. The previous GS I had was quite run down after three winters on the road. Luckily, the Duke has returned! My daughter and her husband are strictly seasonal motorbike riders and they lent it back to me for the winter. I had Heidenau winter tyres (yes, such a thing exists! I’ll have more to say about them when I’ve ridden them a while.) and heated grips fitted and a service done, voilà, winter bike!
The four-stroke, 44 hp, single cylinder motor is just powerful enough to be fun on country roads but doesn’t get you into trouble immediately on less than ideal road conditions.

It had no tank bag.

It had no tank bag.

Now it does. I found one in the Touratech range by going to one of their stores and trying out several. The one in the picture above was for a totally different bike but it fit the very sloping tank perfectly. Touratech offer an accessory inner bag:

It's a camera bag!

It’s a camera bag!

For the practice of “motography”, this is very convenient. Just open the flap and take out the camera that strikes your fancy! I’m not worried about the Duke’s single-cylinder vibrations damaging the cameras. The inner bag sits on top of other items in the tank bag and they cushion it. And then, both the Nikon D850 and the Leica IIIg you see slotted in there are quite robust. Very different cameras, these, and 60 years apart. I like and use both of them for different aspects. Actually, can’t wait for daybreak to try out this system. Vroom and click!

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