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Further On Up The Road

Author Robert M. Pirsig died last week, aged 88. I want to remember him by questioning his seminal work “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and what it meant for me and my life.

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The Hill You Face

When you crash, you not only affect your bike and your body, but also the people you love. My brother wants me to stop motorcycling. That’s not gonna happen,

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Flawed Ambassador

Reader beware. This is kind of a whiny post, so, if you don’t like that, there’s a back button in your browser. 😉 This weekend, I’m visiting my parents in Schleswig-Holstein again. Going there on the motorbike, of course. But … Continue reading

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Riders, Not Bikers

My daughter and I have just finished the first, 1000+ km leg of a motorcycle tour of Germany. Doing so, we’ve had some encounters with “real bikers”.

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Some Pictures and a Rant

People ride their bikes for a variety of reasons. All of them legit, most of them interesting and close to their hearts. Only, I haven’t found this to be so with Harley Davidson riders.

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What It Is

It is a damn big piece easier to describe what it isn’t. It isn’t about scantily clad babes crawling all over

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