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The Training Curve on Training Curves

Last weekend, I took a curve training course with the Zweirad Akademie on the Harzring circuit. To summarize, it was a blast! But let me be more detailed.

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Two realizations from recent rides on the Panigale: I can go 200 kph on the Autobahn,

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Rev It!

On a tour along the beautiful Schlei fjord yesterday, I got a bit worried about the Panigale. She did nothing wrong, only reason was: I went over 1000 km and there should have been an inspection.

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Tires and Riding Modes

What a difference a click makes! Yesterday the weather got warm enough and my confidence got solid enough

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Muddy Mittyism

The 2014 motorcycle seasons starts early here. Got myself a dirt bike, or, to be honest, more of a dual purpose motorcycle. It’s a Honda CRF 250 L (insert Honda joke here…) and it struggles

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