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A Man with a Goatee and an Egg of all Trades

Do you know Keith Code? He’s a brilliant riding instructor, founder of the California Superbike riding school and author of “A Twist of the Wrist” and “A Twist of the Wrist II”. I’ve been reading these books recently and have … Continue reading

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Peaks And Lows

Time for an update about my motorcycle adventures. The trip to the French Alps I wrote about in the last two posts was great.

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The Training Curve on Training Curves

Last weekend, I took a curve training course with the Zweirad Akademie on the Harzring circuit. To summarize, it was a blast! But let me be more detailed.

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Rev It!

On a tour along the beautiful Schlei fjord yesterday, I got a bit worried about the Panigale. She did nothing wrong, only reason was: I went over 1000 km and there should have been an inspection.

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My Dear Biker

So, yesterday I passed the practical exam for my motorcycle license. Wouldn’t say it was a cinch,

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Little by little, the bird builds its nest. Or rather, leaves it on a motorbike… Today was the theory test

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Trial by Water

When you’re taking driving lessons here, you have to practice driving at night and in the rain. Yesterday evening, we did both at once.

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