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We’re finally rid of the snow on the ground here and the motorcycle season is starting.

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Man in a Van with a Plan

My lil’ Kia died last Saturday. It was a tragedy half expected, bursting two cylinder heads. Anyway, it couldn’t be repaired economically and I had eyed a transporter for a long time.

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Dances with Cows

Proof that there are no mysteries in off-road tyre thread design: Continental TKC 80.

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Smooth Operator

So, about the new cow …

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Horizontal Rejuvenation

Hi there! I’m still riding. I’ve put 16000 km on the Ducati SuperSport S since I got it and tomorrow it goes in to the shop to get a full service for the first time.

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Red for the Road

This is a long-term review of my Ducati SuperSport S motorbike.

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Hopes for 2018

This hardware has been in my back for one and a half years, since the accident in the roundabout.

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Love over Cold

Finally, the KTM Duke 390 was ready for pick-up yesterday.

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The Duke Of Christmas

My daughter and her husband had sold their motorbikes over a year ago. Being students, they lacked the time and funds to use and keep them, but they were missed. And I missed riding with them.

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Misnamed, but makes a lot of sense

I’m coming to you from the last long tour of the year, a week long loop with stayovers at Karlsruhe, Bourg en Bresse, Avignon, Bologna, Bolzano, Augsburg and then back home.

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