Smooth Operator

To live by

To live by

So, about the new cow … Got it yesterday.

That's Bert (the tall one).

That’s Bert (the tall one).

And that's his shop.

And that’s his shop.

Essentially, it’s in the boondocks, hidden well away in a rural region of Schleswig-Holstein. But it’s 5 km away from my hometown and I like to do business with Bert. That went over smooth yesterday.

New for old.

New for old.

He gave me a fair price for the old one (at right in the photo above) and had the (almost) new one prepped for me.

As ugly Travel Enduros go, it's a beauty.

As ugly Travel Enduros go, it’s a beauty.

The previous owner, an accountant, must have been an esthete. Lots of special accoutrements:

  • A Plexiglas headlight guard that follows the line of the windshield.
  • Every extra in the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure catalog. Every single one of them.
  • Transport boxes galore, the BMW original accessories that are made by Touratech. They are not as wide and spacious as the ones on my old cow (see photo two above), but there’s three of them!
  • On these boxes, 3M reflector strips applied to the outer edges. The accountant must have been security conscious. Go figure!
  • All in a very good state of upkeep. I feel a slight twinge of conscience to keep it that way. Probably won’t last.
  • I shudder to think why he then only put 3200 km on it. Perhaps the missus didn’t approve. Pro tip: a good deal results from female dismissal. Can’t be generalized … 😉

    So, then the cow trade was realized and I could finally ride it back to my parent’s house. What an experience! You don’t notice how crappy your bike has become until you ride a new version of it! One does adapt to a lot of flaws. The hand and foot controls on the white-billed cow are tighter and exact, acceleration is smoother, the brakes work a lot better, as does the Quickshifter / Blipper.

    Now today, it’s a long haul back to Thuringia and I’m looking forward to every single kilometer of that 450 km plus road.

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