Horizontal Rejuvenation

Lightly used, broken-in, with a beauty case in back ...

Lightly used, broken-in, with a beauty case in back …

Hi there!

I’m still riding. I’ve put 16000 km on the Ducati SuperSport S since I got it and tomorrow it goes in to the shop to get a full service for the first time. When I made the appointment, the dealer told me it’s the first SuperSport they sold that’s reached that mark. I know I’m bad that way. I give my bikes no quarter (and seldom a cleaning …), I just ride them. The Ducati has been a good accomplice in that endeavor.
My other bike, the “cow” has an inordinate number on the odometer after three years. I hesitate to document it, let’s say it’s a secret only shared with my BMW dealer. And share it I will have to, as the financing period for that bike ran out yesterday and the bank wanted a ludicrous last rate. In lieu of paying that, I opted to prolong the credit agreement and get a new (well, almost, see below) version of the same BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. My dealer had a lightly used (3600 km is barely broken in in my eyes!), fully specced-out 2017 model in stock. Oogle it in the lead picture! It was an accountant’s bike and the easy life it’s had in it’s first year and a half is about to end. I’m turning in the green-billed cow on Saturday and drive away on an almost identical white-billed one. That must be some kind of testimonial to the reliability of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.

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