Hopes for 2018

Offerings to the God of Speed

Offerings to the God of Speed

This hardware has been in my back for one and a half years, since the accident in the roundabout. It felt good getting it removed the day before yesterday. Good, like someone stuck a knife in my back, which they did. Anyway, I’m on the mend and glad to be rid of it.

An occasion to think about next year and my plans for the 2018 motorcycle season. Though season might be the wrong expression, I don’t do a winter break. The BMW is registered year-round and though the salt afflicts it, I give it no quarter. Here goes:

  • At the end of May, I will visit my son and his fiancée in Norway and Sweden, respectively. They are doing a semester abroad. Curiously, though I come from the North of Germany, I’ve never been to Scandinavia further than Copenhagen. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not yet sure about the route I will take. I guess I’ll give the North Cape a pass, frozen tourist magnet that it is, and concentrate on the South of Sweden, the Fjäll, the South of Norway and the Fjords.
  • Next year, I want to ride more with other motorcyclists. I even bought two of them a bike for this ulterior motive. Shared joy is doubled!
  • There are trepidations, too. I think that the month of June could be jinxed for me. Perhaps I’ll just plop down on a beach and bronze.
  • Apart from these projections, I hope there’ll be lots of occasions for spontaneous tours and weekend getaways. They are what I enjoy most about motorcycle riding. Exploration, the widening of one’s horizon.
  • What have you planned for 2018? Feel free to tell in the comments!

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    1 Response to Hopes for 2018

    1. zed14 says:

      It’s certainly nice to get that sort of hardware removed. I hope that means recovery is doing well.
      That sounds like some great riding.

      For me no doubt there’ll be a couple of IBA distance rides in there somewhere, but our big ride is a couple of weeks touring in the US and Canada.

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