Happy Anniversary!

Last Wednesday, almost a year after the big one, I had another motorcycle accident. It’s not so bad like the last one and worse, too.

The gear did what it was supposed to do, again. But this time, I don’t know anything about the accident. I had a blackout. Luckily, neither my bike nor me hit any people, cars or obstacles… but the road. It sufficed for four fractured ribs and a fractured fifth metacarpal in the right hand. Oh, and a concussion despite the well-used helmet. In the hospital, they found I had arrhythmia and speculate whether a sudden onset of this heart condition caused me to over-break and go flying off my bike. I’m being medicated for that now and it is much better. So, perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that this serious condition was found this way and can be treated now. A lot of disguise, as the ribs hurt pretty much! 

Anyway, I’m on the mend, but the Panigale is out for me now. I have not had much luck with this sports bike and I am afraid to continue in this direction. I imagine a sidecar rig would’ve rolled out into a field harmlessly in this situation. Whishful thinking, perhaps.

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