On the left: the original BMW aluminum hard cases for the R 1200 GS, made by Touratech. On the right: Touratech’s aftermarket hard cases for the R 1200 GS, the “Zega Pro 2 And-black” Version. There are some differences, obviously.

The new ones are anodized black, the OEM version is made from unanodized aluminum. They were spotty and scratched almost as soon as I mounted them. The winter salt got to them. I do hope the new ones stay nice longer.

The black boxes have 45 liter capacity both sides, the plain right one, on the exhaust side, is smaller. Of course, this makes the whole travel cruiseship wider. No more lane filtering for me!

The new ones necessitate a new fixture on the bike.

Mounting that was a real PITA, fortunately, I could do it at the Touratech branch dealer in Kassel and had the help of Rainer, the branch manager and mechanic extraordinaire. Again, the winter salt! The main difficulty was getting the original fasteners loose. Remounted with copper paste.

I think they look better, too! Will add to this post with further experiences with these black boxes.

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