Bike of Retirement

My Sunday was spent like this:
The track's incomplete, I did get home.

The track’s incomplete, I did get home.

The stop in Erfurt was at a Harley-Davidson dealer. Season opener and the german branch of H.-D. was present with a truck full of  test drive bikes. Not many interested and those who were complained about the cold, blustery weather. Some tough rockers…
I managed, I had already done a loop through the chilly Thüringer Wald and was wearing a Kevlar Lumberjack jacket OVER my Dainese leathers. Sort of a redneck racing suit.

The scary bag's back!

The scary bag’s back!

The Panigale was untypically loaded. This morning, I tried the scary bag again after having protected the bright red italian plastic with a film. This time it worked, stayed put and didn’t scratch anything. Not that the scratches on the “old” Panigale 1299’s tail section mattered in the end!
Road Glide Ultra in

Road Glide Ultra in “Black Quartz”

After waiting a short while and eating a Bratwurst, I could test ride the bike I fancied, a Road Glide. My model was pure eye candy: high-gloss black lacquer with gold flitter in it and golden pin-striping. Unfortunately, it was also a bit of a sofa and I couldn’t sit so well on it. Must have been my back protector. It, of course, is tailored for the leaned forward position on the sports bike. On a Harley tourer, you lean back and put your feet forward on these running boards! Unfamiliar position, it has been a while.
The test ride was in a convoy, it was basically the ear of the gargoyle in the map above. The “tour guides” were setting a sedate pace, so I fell back a few times to see what the new Milwaukee Eight motor was about while I was catching up spiritedly. 😉
I must say, this is an improvement since I had my Dyna. A well-motorized sofa!  Still rides like the Titanic compared to my Panigale’s jetski. But then, when I get older…
… no, not loosing my hair, that has already happened! But when I can no longer ride the Ducati species-appropriate and can no longer endure the BMW touring Enduro… It costs as much as my Ducati, by the way.
I often feel like riding. ;)

I often feel like riding. 😉

When you come back from your test ride, you get a handshake and a few stickers. One of them I liked so much, it has found a place on one of the new boxes for the BMW.
The ride back home was much faster AND more comfortable. Go figure!
What did you ride today?
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