Not Again!

Yes, again

Yes, again!

I said I didn’t want to try out the main function of the Dainese Airbag jacket, but yesterday, I did. Like the accident a year ago, a dumb-ass driver didn’t respect my right-of-way, this time in a roundabout. I tried to cant the bike more into the roundabout but we collided at his left front door. Then I was thrown off the bike much like in a highsider. The car was still going so fast that I wasn’t thrown into it, but behind it on the road. In-flight, the airbag deployed and saved my upper body from trauma. What it couldn’t avoid was a compression fracture of the second lumbar vertebra. I must have landed on my behind before tumbling. Big hematoma there. Luckily, it’s only the front of the  vertebra that’s impacted, no danger to the spinal chord. Hurts, though.

Now I’m in hospital, some examinations are still to come and then a minimal-invasive operation on Monday. I’m optimistic about getting out at the end of next week.

The Panigale didn’t fare so well:

Sic transit gloria mundi!

Sic transit gloria mundi!

Oh well, that’s for later to put right.

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5 Responses to Not Again!

  1. Well isn’t that the pits? Heal quick.

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