Non-review, and I don’t want to

All it does right now is charge and blink blue (upper right sleeve).

All it does right now is charge and blink blue (upper right sleeve).

How do you review something you haven’t used yet? A not so uncommon occurrence on the internet. In the case of this Dainese Misano 1000 Airbag riding jacket, you don’t want to use it. And then you use it:

As the flies prove.

As the flies prove.

But the main function, the airbag, long may it be until I have to take advantage of it!
So how is it for actual riding as opposed to crashing?
Well, fine, actually. It has loads of features, which you can read of yourself. Subjective impressions from first rides:

  • It is a stiff jacket.
  • You do feel the deflated airbag, especially if you lean on the tank. Cushions, too, so that’s not bad.
  • The wearing sensation can be compared to having a protector jacket and a nautical life jacket on at the same time.The auto-inflatable version of a life jacket, mind you! Which in essence it is, add a few bits and bobs of electronics.
  • The above points sound negative, but I felt ensconced and protected.
  • The lining has a cooling system and it works!
  • The zipper only interfaces with Dainese leather and textile pants and there are no adapter zippers. Boo!
  • The LED on the upper right sleeve blinks codes in red, green and blue and gives information on charge and functional status this way.

    Little bit of "Tron Legacy" there.

    Little bit of “Tron Legacy” there.

  • The jacket has to be charged with a USB A-to-B cable. It and the charger are provided, or you can hook it up to a computer. It would be cool if one could read the datalog over USB, too. The computer in the hump on the back even has GPS. As of now, nothing is exposed. I’d like to hack it!
  • On the other hand, an open-source crash protection system sounds a bit sketchy…
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