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What’s a protector shirt useful for?

Well, not only does it hulk you up considerably, wearing it beneath protector-less leather jackets like that favorite  Harley leather jacket of mine above lends them secret powers.

I got a Leatt Body Tee 3DF AirFit Lite at Melahn yesterday. It has chest, back, shoulder and hip protectors, is easy to get into (side zipper) and well ventilated. Not that I needed that last feature yesterday when I rode back from the shop. It was bright and sunny but cold spring weather. I wore a T-shirt under it  (should be polypropylene or wool next time) and a Kevlar plaid shirt and that leather jacket over it. Totally comfortable, exerts a light, sustaining pressure on the upper body. You move with the protectors, as it should be.

The chest protector is a bit strange to ride with on the road but starts to make sense when you think of the originally intended purpose. Words will never hurt me, but rocks and stones *may* break my thoraxes’ bones if they come flying at me during Enduro practice. The garment has fitments to interface with a neckbrace, too. Little wonder, as it is produced by Leatt, who invented them.

So, “Hulk smash!”, but Hulk doesn’t get smashed.

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