Sane Hatter

If you've depended on one, you'll appreciate it.

If you’ve depended on one, you’ll appreciate it.

We’re coming out from under winter here and the motorcycle season is starting. Not having taken a break, I still celebrated spring with a new helmet. It’s an Arai RX7-V, also sold as a Corsair X. All it’d need would be a skull-and-crossbones on the back to make the pirate theme complete. Anyway, this is Arai‘s top racing helmet but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for street riding and touring as well. I’ve seen the Alps through the visor of the precursor model. Apropos visor, this one is fitted with a phototropic Pinlock visor. Very convenient, you’re never bothered by glare.

It is light (1680 grams), even with the communication system added and fits snug like a racing helmet should. Still, it is not uncomfortable to wear for hours on end. If you open up all the vents (mouth, brow, overhead intake and exhaust can be adjusted and there’s a constant exhaust ventilation at the side of the back) there’s quite a gale inside the helmet. That wasn’t called for when I tried it out yesterday at just below 0°C and rain. I had mouth and brow vents open only and had to crack the visor open an bit below 60 km/h to avoid fogging. The visor mechanism is a new feature on this helmet, it sits lower and has two axes on each side. Opening it, it describes a flatter arc. It allows the opening in the helmet to be larger than in the predecessor, so it is more useful in a leaned-forward position. As a plus, the cracked-open visor doesn’t let in rain! There’s a new lever to open it, the old one was often a bit recalcitrant.

In the shop, I got a Cardo Scala Rider G9X communication system fitted to it. Spoils the lines of the helmet, but on my long rides, I depend on a Blueetooth communication system for navigation announcements and music. It has FM radio and telephone function, too.

There's an app that goes with it. "The internet of things" and all that...

There’s an app that goes with it. “The internet of things” and all that…

Don’t worry, the app is just for entering settings, I won’t play with it while riding. 😉 I think this will be my main helmet for the 2016 season.

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