On The Paths Of My Childhood 

One of my fondest childhood memories is a holiday trip with my parents and my brother to the Seiser Alm region in the Italian Alps. Making up for the long motorcycle rides missed because of the crash, this weekend, I’m going there by bike. Yesterday, I rode all the way south to Nesselwang, which is in the Allgäu region. 490 km, and I started late because I had work to do until 11. Nevertheless, choosing medium country roads, keeping on the gas and not taking much time off the bike, it worked. The cruise control on the cow helped! Nobody else rides a hundred kph exactly!

The Allgäu itself is such a beautiful region, it borders on cliché. I got a room in a country hotel in Nesselwang, and the lead photo is the view looking south from my balcony towards the Alps. That’s Austria over there!

Now, I don’t know how far I’ll get today in my nostalgic quest, but I’m sure to add to this post later on.

Well, I didn’t get to Italy, that’s for sure! Riding mountain roads and passes takes much longer for the same distance than in flat country, and I should know. Plus, I had forgotten to change some of my Euros into Shillings when I was in Austria, so I couldn’t fill up. Neither the bike nor me…

Thus it happened that I went over the Hahntennjoch pass twice, there and back again, NOT into Innsbruck and up the Ötztal.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s a wonderful mountain road. Much like the Col de la Bonnette, minus 1000 meters of elevation and a cinder cone.

Nostalgia ran its course despite this change of route. Coming back into Germany, I went to Grainau under the Zugspitze summit, where I had spent yet another holiday with my parents and my brother, it must have been 35 years ago!

I recognized the mountains and the rivers, but not the town. Had lunch there and rode back to the hotel by way of the Ettal monastery and along the Plansee. A fine day!

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