Same Difference, Yet New

"Dasselbe in Grün", we like to say in German.

“Dasselbe in Grün”, we like to say in German.

So, the crashed BMW R 1200 GS Adventure was replaced today. With a green one, or rather: tan, single-tone camo, whatchamacallit. I was lucky that my dealer had one in stock and that the treatment of the insurance case had processed as far as the evaluation of the wreck.
There are some differences, though:

  • It is new! 😉
  • I get to break her in this time. That means not revving her over 5000/min till she has 1000 km on the clock, which in turn shows me that I often do that. Patience, grasshopper!
  • Speaking of revving the bike, this one has “Shift Assistant Pro” on the nearly chock-full supplementary list. In essence, it is a quickshifter and a blipper. So, you don’t have to touch the clutch. Neither for upshifts (you need to be accelerating), nor for downshifts (the ride-by-wire gas needs to be closed). You get used to these quick shifts and their assorted soundtrack very fast. And then wreak havoc on bikes that don’t have it.
  • It has new tires.

    It has new tires.

    Continental TKC 70, to be specific. Though still billed as knobby Enduro tires, they are intermediate with blocks divided by a negative profile on the front and this plus an uninterrupted strip in the middle line at the back. So they are better for the road as the Metzeler Karoo 3 I had before but still track well on a dirt road. Haven’t tried them in mud on the first day.
    She eshews the dirt on her first day out of the showroom.

    She eshews the dirt on her first day out of the showroom.

    At the end of the first ride, I did get caught out in a thunderstorm and the tires did well on the flooded roads.
  • Otherwise,

      “Es ist dasselbe in Grün”.

    And that’s what I wanted.

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    3 Responses to Same Difference, Yet New

    1. Daniel says:

      Congrats !!! I have changed from Karoo to TKC 70 as well … exactly the tire that I´ve missed before… Brilliant grip on dry and wet roads, much more silent above 100km/h and no problems on that kind of Off-ROAD that we have in the North of Germany …
      Good luck with your new GSA!!!

      • chammann says:

        Same for you with your white GSA! I find the TKC 70 a good compromise for summer, but it has it’s limits in mud. Limits as in turn around fast or you won’t get out of there. I probably will change back to the Karoo 3 for winter.

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