Hotronic Heated Insoles

One more thing to charge before riding, but they're a godsend in winter!

One more thing to charge before riding, but they’re a godsend in winter!

The Gummicow guards it’s rider from a lot of weather influences. It is my first motorcycle with heated grips and in winter, they are fantastic! Together with the hand guards, they keep my hands comfortable (not always toasty, mind you) on these long winter rides I like to do. The feet are another matter. They are in the wind stream and got painfully cold after an hour and a half.
Before this weekend’s long ride to Dresden to visit my son and his girlfriend, I paid a visit to my preferred hunting emporium, Frankonia, to get some heated insoles for my Motocross boots. They are of the Hotronic brand and I’ve seen similar sets in a lot of places. Everyone gets cold feet once in a time, I guess!
Mounting the heating element in the insoles and wiring the boots up was a doable task that required a bit of concentration and an actual reading of the manual…
When I tried them yesterday on my six-hour ride to Dresden, they kept my toes from freezing all the way there. Temperatures were -7.5°C at the start and around the freezing point in Dresden. I put them on setting three (of four) and when I arrived, the batteries were empty. Good job!

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