Rev It!

Yesterday, on the Schlei ferry at Arnis.

Yesterday, on the Schlei ferry at Arnis.

On a tour along the beautiful Schlei fjord yesterday, I got a bit worried about the Panigale. She did nothing wrong, only reason was: I went over 1000 km and there should have been an inspection.

Made an appointment for that at home on Wednesday, but then I’ll have put 1500 km on her or more.
So, I looked up the website of a local Ducati dealer and went there. It was in a small village in the center of Schleswig-Holstein. When I got there, they did good business on this Saturday before Easter, but the workshop personell was off-duty. So, they couldn’t help me with an inspection but informed me that with today’s good oils, it would make no difference to do it 500 or even 1000 km later.
I stayed a bit and chatted with a salesman who gave me good advice on how to drive my Panigale after the the running-in period. He advised to rev it above 6000 rpm for power and smooth acceleartion. On the way back, I found he was damn right! Above 6000 there’s no more hammering motor sound, only a turbine-like noise and vibration and so much more torque than in the lower revs (and even they surpassed everything I had ridden before). It’s like a totally new motorcycle above 6000 rpm, one that has stolen the Warp Drive from the Enterprise, seemingly. So, second gear now goes up to 70 kph, third goes up to 130 kph. There’s no solution for driving around town heeding the speed limit of 50 kph, you can’t use first gear there, uneven throttle reactions. So, hammering away in low revs in second, a sure attention-getter. Can’t be helped. 😉

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