Il rosso di Borgo Panigale

Ducati's Supersport bike, the Panigale

Ducati’s Supersport bike, the Panigale

The weekend is here and it is marked by road trips. Yesterday’s destination was Weimar. I chose secondary routes north of the motorway and bumbled just so through the spring. Great fruit tree blossoms on the way!
The tranquility came to an end when I arrived in Weimar. I was too early for the CME lectures I had in the evening, so again I visited a motorcycle dealer. This time, one for the Ducati brand, very stylish Italian motorcycles . And they had test drives …
In order to experience something completely different, I had a test drive with a Panigale, the total sports model. Eye-opening , fabulous! Going 180 km/h in 4th gear on the highway didn’t tax it at all. Plus, it goes like Mr. Schmidt’s proverbial cat. Uncomfortable it is, puts much load on the arms, a rough engine with a lot of elasticity. The engine is of the same type as the one in my Harley , but revs to 11000 , not to 5000 rpm, with a sonorous shriek, if there is such a thing . I gave a funny impression with my built-in “Airbag” and the traditional leather clothes. Vice versa, I had an experience that I won’t so soon forget!

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