This Is Why I’m Not In A MC

Careful, dear reader, here comes kind of a rant. It is about this. For those not fluent in the german language: I made the “mistake” of giving honest advice to a member of a Harley-Davidson forum. He asked about full face helmets equipped with a Bluetooth connection. As a reward, I get bashed. Seems a full face helmet on a Harley is a no-no, and listening to anything but the motor doing it’s potato-potato thing is a triple no.
So, how is it with this Harley Freedom? Doesn’t apply to free thinking, eh? Not much of that or tolerance evident in that forum thread. I’ve had conversations with fellow riders that went south in a similar way.
To all those: I will greet you on the road. I will help you out if you’re down with a mechanical or medical emergency on the road. I will talk to you if you want. But if you show this intolerance and boorishness, I will drop you like a hot potato and go my way. My world is better without you.

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2 Responses to This Is Why I’m Not In A MC

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  2. Really…. Why am I not surprised. It is crazy how some people get. It is not limited to the HD side either. Be ready for the barrage when an HD person post on a metric site….I have made that mistake a few time! BTW I ride HD and use both types of helmets depending on my mood!

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