As The Name Says

Touring Seat on my Fat Bob

Touring Seat on my Fat Bob

The girls were complaining. That is, my daughters didn’t feel safe or comfortable on the Fat Bob’s stock seat when riding with me. Understandable, the pillion has the dimensions and cushioning of a breakfast roll. Slanted backwards, too, so imagine the feeling when the bike exerts it’s considerable torque. You soon find yourself sitting on the fender (at least there’s much of it and it is stable).
So, at the last inspection, I got a Harley Davidson Touring seat mounted, and a sissy bar is on order. Now, this seat is well cushioned and doesn’t hide it. Portly dimensions, but it is a *Fat* Bob, after all. I sit a bit higher and a bit more forward on it, less “in the bike” than with the stock seat. The shorter reach to the foot controls and the higher center of gravity allow for more maneuverability, you can push the bike down into a corner more easily. You’re less prone to lean with the bike, though. Sitting a bit higher, I can look over the roofs of more cars in city traffic situations. And it is more comfortable, almost no vibrations come through.
It is more comfortable for my pillion riders, too. The waist between rider and pillion seats and the ample, level surface make for safer seating even without the sissy bar. My daughters now volunteer to go on errand runs with me, and this plus long, multi-day rides is how I like to use the bike.

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