Halfway House in Dresden

So, this is my first longer tour on the bike, and I’m halfway through it. I’m visiting my son, who is studying Mathematics in Dresden, and his girlfriend. It was a wonderful ride yesterday, I went through the Vogtland and the Erzgebirge on little twisty roads and over covered bridges.

The weather gods smiled on me, too, not a drop of rain, comfortable temperatures. Another uncomfortable thing was solved, too. On long rides in the previous week, I had gotten the tinglies in those of my left hand’s fingers that are innervated by the median nerve. Dark thoughts about carpal tunnel syndrome ensued. The solution for that were double gloves, the inner layer being MTB downhill gel gloves. That dampens the noxious vibrations almost completely.
So, I arrived in high spirits in Dresden. My son’s girlfriend was interested in the bike, so we rode to the hardware store to get some supplies and afterwards through those quarters of Dresden that were inundated during the recent floods. Already lots of renovation going on, heaps of soggy drywall at the curb waiting for removal.
Talking of soggy, after a communal evening and a good night’s sleep the morning greets me with steady rain. The weather radar shows it all the way back to Thuringia. So, the ride back is gonna be wet. I’ve got the gear for it and I’ll take my time.

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