A Cool Helmet

Here are my two helmets. The cool one is on the right. Biker Bear is running protection.

Here are my two helmets. The cool one is on the right. Biker Bear is running protection.

Another driving lesson yesterday. I had prepared for it by getting a new helmet, as the Harley-Davidson jet helmet had fogged up badly during the last rainy ride. We have had steady rain for at least a week with inundations all around, so I had challenging conditions to look forward to, again. In fact, the rain stopped just in time with only an occasional drizzle during the lesson. Roads were dry.
So let’s compare these two helmets.

The Harley-Davidson one is their top jet helmet model, has a visor that reaches my chin when fully down and on the inside of that a dark sun visor that is moved by a spring-loaded slider at the crown of the helmet. It has lots of other ventilation openings, but that didn’t seem to matter under muggy conditions, it still fogged up even when I breathed through my nose. Of course, it doesn’t do that when it’s warm (not that I’ve had much ecxperience in that way, summer, where art thou?) and that’s where it’s area of use will be in the future. Granted, you look cooler wearing it, but if you can’t see for s**t, how does that help?
The white one is a Schuberth C3 integral helmet with a flip-up chin part and a pinlock anti-fog inner visor. Has an inner sun visor, too, so it’s a real jack of all trades device. Oh, and the neck pad can be exchanged for one that contains Bluetooth, intercom, radio and connects to built-in antennas. That accessory alone costs more than some very servicable helmets (and that’s why I haven’t gotten it. Yet.), but the helmet itself was for sale at a nearby motorcycle megastore. With all these features and gadgets, I was afraid that it would be too heavy. When I wore it at home as a trial, it did cause some strain on the neck. Yet, on the road and in the airstream, it’s form created some lift and that wasn’t a problem. I didn’t feel too enclosed and enjoyed an unimpeded view of my surroundings at all times. That anti-fog visor really worked!
Of course, there’s the disadvantage that in such a bubble helmet, you look like a dork and no one sees your gnarly biker beard. Oh, well…

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