Catching Flies

Screenshot from "Me, Myself & Irene" with Jim Carrey, © whoever made that movie

Screenshot from “Me, Myself & Irene” with Jim Carrey, © whoever made that movie

Disclaimer: This is turning into kind of a journal that will probably bore you and embarrass me in the future. So, here goes.
Anybody left? Fine. Yesterday I had my second driving lesson, again on the small 125 cc MZ bike. The instructor was different, though, but Jürgen Liebe was just as friendly and systematic as Holger. First, we went to the commercial area to review some basics. I’m still choppy when shifting and these darned non-canceling turn signals are still non-cancelling…
Anyway, then we put some new batteries in the mobile radios and went overland. It was a blast! Just the right mix between stopping and starting and longer stretches of open road. I could accelerate to 80 km/h for the first time and it felt good. I actually knew all the roads we were driving on from bicycle training circuits, but I had a whole new impression of them on the motorbike. Including the speed withering away when that little MZ was asked to haul my (m)ass up an incline in fourth gear. I need a bigger bike (when I can shift gears on this one 😉 )!
There was even a bit of comradeship of the road when a gnarly biker on a chopper came the other way and we acknowledged each other with a slight raise of the left hand. Only a hint of a sarcastic grin on his face.
When we came back to the driving school, I hadn’t got a full meal like Jim Carrey did, but I had the impression of having advanced a bit.

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