First Post, First Lesson

Off to a good start! I didn't think I would be swinging around the pylons in my first motorcycle driving lesson.

Off to a good start! I didn’t think I would be swinging around the pylons in my first motorcycle driving lesson.

And thus the adventure starts. Yesterday I had my first practical driving lesson on a motorbike. Here in Germany it’s not enough to take a safety course and an exam. Instead, we have a system running where you have to take a certain number of theoretical lessons and hours of practical instructions from a driving school. When you’re deemed fit by your instructor, you have a theoretical exam at the computer and a practical exam with an independent examiner and if you’re lucky get your license. This takes quite a bit of time and money, although the number of lessons is subject to negotiation. Plus, in my case, it’s an upgrade from a car driving license.

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The instruction bike turned out to be just the right size, bore (125 cc) and power (5 kW). Much more important, I really did click with my instructor Holger Pfeffer, an uncomplicated, outgoing and thorough man. We went to a nearby business park and he showed me how to start, stop and shift gears. Turning the motorcycle and using those effing non-cancelling turn signals came next. Then he surprised me by quickly deploying a row of pylons for me to slalom through. Here and before when I went slow the experience from riding my mountain bike through technical terrain came in handy. In fact, that little 125 cc machine felt just like a mountain bike that somebody else was pedaling vigorously. Lance must have been available. 😉
Anyway, it was a blast to shift into third gear, turn the throttle, hold on for dear life and go all the way to 50 km/h! I know this euphoria will wear off but it is cool while it is a new sensation! In the end, I made appointments for two more lessons and had the feeling of being at the start of something fun!
P.S.: Of course, this was also reinforcing to my wish to actually own a bike, and this is my favorite at the moment:
2013 Fat Bob, photo © Harley-Davidson

2013 Fat Bob, photo © Harley-Davidson

It must be noted that this has 15 times the power of my little instruction bike. Can’t yet imagine how that goes!

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